Ametrine is a rather rare fine stone. It presents two tones at once: the mauve of amethyst on one side and the yellow of citrine on the other. The stone’s beauty is due to the intensity of its colors and their perfect separation caused by a completely natural phenomenon. Ametrine’s shades come from its composition. Iron gives it its yellow color, while manganese gives rise to mauve. This highly distinctive two-tone shading appears all the more clearly on an ametrine of a certain size.

Ametrine is extracted from a single deposit: the Anahi mine in Bolivia. A crude block weighing over three and a half kilograms will produce a 1,600-carat stone, i.e. 320 g, which is tiny. Although it was cut as far back as the 14th century, this fine stone has only recently been discovered in fine jewelry.

Mazet is one of the few jewelers to showcase it in its unique jewelry designs. It offers ametrines ranging up to 60 carats, accentuating the color shading that makes it so rare.

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