Heraldic engraving

Engraved Ring

A testimony to a lineage, a symbol of belonging, a historic piece of jewelry… the heraldic signet ring is all these in one. Passed down from generation to generation with respect for tradition, it brings your family coat of arms into the modern world.

Mazet Joaillerie engraves heraldic designs on gold or stone. Its perfect mastery of this craft guarantees the reproduction of your seal on an elegant item of jewelry. Your custom-made signet ring in yellow, rose or white gold takes on the feminine or masculine aspect of your choice.

On a hand-crafted ring, the precision of the lines brings your design to life. Ornamental stones offer their opaque colors for the engraving of seals, coats of arms or crowns. A number of fine stones, such as rubies, sapphires and tourmalines, lend their luminous transparency to exceptional heraldic signet rings.

Enter a world of craftsmanship expertise and keep history alive…

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