Repair of watches and clocks

The meeting of science, technique and high precision, watchmaking is a world of passion… and one of Mazet Joaillerie’s specialties.
Antique clocks and watches are heritage items passed down from one generation to the next. For their repair and maintenance, Jacques and Charles Mazet work on a daily basis on extremely valuable timepieces from all brands, from models dating from the 17th century to those produced by a contemporary manufacture.

They give a new lease of life to the rarest, most complex and varied fine watchmaking pieces, including mechanical and automatic timepieces, chronographs, grand complication, cylinder, striking movement, balance cock, and other high-end quartz models, to name just a few.

After completely disassembling your precious timepiece, the watchmakers at 79 rue du Bac establish a diagnosis and put forward a restoration plan. From then on, their craftsmanship know-how and extremely high technical expertise is put to the service of your item. Depending on the case in question, worn or broken elements can be replaced by new, identically manufactured ones. Certain watches and clocks sometimes just need to be checked, oiled or adjusted to be maintained in good condition. A meticulous service ensures that they function perfectly and are extremely reliable.

Passionate experts, Mazet’s watchmakers are also able to provide you with a complete package: custom manufacture of glass, polishing or satin finishing of a case or fob, creation of a watch strap, etc. Brought back to life, your antique watch or clock will continue to elegantly tell the time, magnificently bearing witness to the past among future generations.

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