Jewelry is a precious heritage. Real testimonies to time, certain items of antique jewelry are passed down in families from generation to generation. By dint of being worn, rings, bracelets, necklaces and earrings quite naturally lose their shine. Precious stones wear down or break.

Your rare or exceptional jewelry is restored to life in Jacques and Charles Mazet’s expert hands. While respecting their original design, they carry out the most complex jewelry repairs. Setting stones, stringing fine and cultured pearls, polishing, and more, they dedicate their exceptional know-how to restoring your antique jewelry.

In the same spirit, transforming an antique piece of jewelry gives it a modern or contemporary look. What better way to pay tribute to and respect the memory of your ancestors than being able to wear their legacy? It can be passed down to future generations, like a guiding thread within a family.

Mastering the art of creation and repair, Mazet Joaillerie recuts your precious, fine or ornamental stones. A modern recutting offers an old cut diamond much greater brilliance. If the gem allows it, removing inclusions increases its purity. Recutting can restore the vivacity of a worn or poorly cut colored stone. Its nuances are very often improved and it acquires additional value.

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