Pearl is actually a lime concretion produced by mollusks in reaction to a foreign body. This organic product comes in a wide variety of colors: white, creamy white, silver-toned, yellow, brown, pink, black with green reflections, mauve.

Fine pearls are natural and rare. They are formed without human intervention in their growth process. Cultured pearls are produced on pearl farms using a grafting system developed by the Japanese in 1858 and improved over almost a century. Pearls are sourced from French Polynesia, China, Myanmar, the Philippines, Australia, and Japan.

All the pearl’s value lies in its shape, luster, size, and color. It is offered in every shade by Mazet Joaillerie. It becomes a delicate earring or joins with others to form the strings of a necklace or a bracelet. It is a source of inspiration for exuberant rings.

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