Like pearls, jet, ivory and amber, coral is an organic product. This animal, which grows by only one millimeter a year, lives in warm seas in the Mediterranean, north-eastern Australia, the seas off Japan, and the Red Sea. Coral is prized in jewelry for its lightness and color palette. Red, ranging from pale pink to deep red, is the most highly sought. White coral is also appreciated. It sometimes has a rosy or a bluish shade known as angel skin. Among this array of shades, salmon coral offers an elegant variety for jewelry creation. In jewelry, black coral is chosen to make Polynesian tikis.

Cut into cabochons, waxed or in the shape of beads, coral is often mounted in necklaces. Sculpted and engraved, this stone is adorned in fine and delicate motifs, faces, flowers or figures. A branch of coral obviously transforms into an original necklace. Mazet Joaillerie works exclusively with natural, untreated coral. This gift of the seas and oceans finds its place on generously sized items of jewelry with a structured design.

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