Amethyst comes in a broad palette of violets. The iron that partially composes this fine stone gives it different shades: light violet, deep violet, lilac, lavender, etc. Along with rock crystal, it is one of the most highly prized gems in the quartz family.

A must-have in the jewelry sector, amethyst enjoys great historical renown. Honored in the greatest courts and monarchies from England to Russia, it was also appreciated during the Romantic era. The clergy chose it for some of its jewels and ornamentations, and today it continues to embellish the ring worn by bishops. Available in weights ranging from 3 to 100 carats, it adorns your jeweler’s unique creations alongside other fine or ornamental stones.

The wide choice of amethysts offered by Mazet Joaillerie comes from its travels in Brazil and Bolivia. These gems are also extracted from deposits located in Zambia and Madagascar. Amethyst presents a hardness of 7 on the Mohs scale.

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